Design Inspiration - Essentials Collection

Practical, cozy, comfy, soft, easy-to-wear, affordable and cute!
These are the key words that I used as I designed our new collection of 'Essentials' baby clothing and accessories for Newborn to 2 Years Old. 
Made from ultra-soft stretch cotton jersey, with happy prints and sweet embroideries, I wanted to put together a wardrobe for baby to wear all day, every day. As every moment is one to cherish, and if possible, get the perfect shot for those keepsake memories!
We have used the softest velour and plush fabrics, for additional cuddles. Our machine-washable soft cotton yarn knitted pieces are perfect for layering. There are frills, ruffles and bows for the girls. I had my daughter after two boys, so unsurprisingly everything she had was pink, girly and feminine! I love the Pastel Blue for those who like to dress their baby boys in soft baby colors, as well as stripes and prints. Like our fun Elephant print and the ever popular sailboat design. 
We hear a lot about 'gender neutral' and unisex dressing these days, so we have made sure we have options in pale grays, white and sunshine yellow. Our toybox and duck prints are a fan favorite, as many parents don't want to differentiate, and these are gorgeous for all. The designs are not gender specific and work for baby boy and girl alike. They are, like all babies, 'oh-so-cute'!
Our customers often tell me they come to us for special occasions, and I am proud to be able to share those family moments, whether it is a birthday, a party, a christening or a wedding. 
These moments are often photographed and shared with family and friends, as well as on social media, and I am so pleased that our clothing contributes to these happy occasions. 
I also love that our new entry-level Essentials Collection, with a more relaxed aesthetic and focusing on value and comfort, means that instead of saving our clothes for 'special events' they can be enjoyed every day. They are classic, timeless designs made of high-quality materials. We encourage to wear over and over again, as the fabrics just get softer and softer the more they are loved and cherished!
When my customers tell me they 'save' our clothing for best, I always encourage them to wear nice things every day. Own your favorite clothes and wash and wear them often. Babies' grow so quickly that it is lovely to have strong memories of favorite outfits from a specific time in their lives. 
Strong colours look good on babies' too - navy is a classic staple, and red is fun also! Nautical stripes are timeless and perfect for every occasion! Great for matching siblings and for the summer season ahead!
Snuggly, cozy and snap-happy is the design inspiration behind this collection, offering an 'entry price point' without any compromise on style. Presenting 'affordable luxury' with the signature prints and embroideries that I love to use, these pieces are practical, soft, washable and cute!
Our 'Baby Essentials' collection is perfect and designed especially for your little 'prince' or 'princess'! I hope you love this collection as much as I do!

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