Taking A Look Back - World Poetry Day

As you may remember, last summer we launched a poetry competition inspired by the joyful poems from Rachel’s son, Alfred. His poems brought smiles to many faces during the uncertain and difficult times of last year.

These times were a particular challenge for Alfred who received a diagnosis of autism in early 2020 and writing poetry served as a terrific outlet for his creativity.

Alfred’s resilience and imagination shines through his poetry so we wanted to share it again with you all in celebration of World Poetry Day on Sunday 21st March.
 We also had some truly wonderful entries from all of you that we just had to reshare. Have a read of last year’s winning entry by Gabriel, age 8 below as inspired by our Sailboat design from the SS20 Collection.
Boy and giirl standing on a beach
Sailboat poem. Little sail boat, pretty sail boat Dancing waves that make it float.  Blue blue sea and blue blue sky, the boat floats like a butterfly.  Dreamy waves across the way, the little sailboat wants to play.  Far away out on the sea I really want this boat for me.  That's my dream throughout the day, I love to dream, I love to play.
Perhaps these will inspire you and your family to get creative this World Poetry Day and try your hand at writing your very own poem!
This weekend only, in aid of The National Autistic Society (based in the UK), we’ll be donating £1 for every order placed.
national autistic society 
Place an order today and help raise money for this incredible charity and one that is very close to our hearts.

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How beautiful and inspiring. I look forward to passing this on.
Rachel … what a wonderful teaching moment for your son, family and community.
It is healing not only for Alfred but those who read his words and observations of our world.
Cheers to your family. Cheers and than some to Alfred for find his own voice through personal challenges.
Love & Hugs,
Heidi Doll

Heidi Barbara Ziegler Doll March 29, 2021

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